Michael Blum and Clandestine Casino Business – the Power behind the Throne

Michael Blum: From Yale student to Crime Lord – Life behind the Scenes of Investments

Michael Blum is a gentleman of some breeding and has the right education. He managed to graduate from Yale as an economist and an expert in international relations. How did he come to be called a lord of illegal gambling? After all, he managed to reach success and earn lots of money. Besides, a talented and adventurous young man was keen on space flights and engineering.

Financial Frauds as the Signs of a Potential Explosion

Michael Blum and Clandestine Casino Business

Being one of the most sought-after and highly paid consultants, Mr. Blum founded his own company and obtained the support of influential people and organizations. He used to attract investments under a wide array of projects. Regardless of being suspected in money laundering, Michael Blum featured good relationships with the representatives of the business elite, as he drove even the hardest bargains and always grasped the clients at money.

Once his company came up for auction after it went bankrupt, Blum made his managers responsible for the financial fraud with which he was charged. Then, he safely moved to the Asia-Pacific Region.

Michael Blum’s Bright Future Underground – Millions of Dollars Made of People’s Vices

Michael Blum started a hotel business in Singapore. However, the majority of revenue came from illegal services that the VIP guests from Europe and the USA could order in return for big money and full silence.

It deals with “black” gambling first of all, when the clients paid a sky-high membership fee to participate in poker and other casino tournaments when they bet not only for money but for different unlawful “services”. At the same time, the “Puppet Master” has never forgotten to make wise investments for his partners and arrange the charitable activities to stay a well-liked guy with noble goals.

For example, he contributes to the development of the space industry and commercial flights. Furthermore, his business covers venture projects and even the web travel market where he offers accommodation and other bookings and services for tourists online. He demonstrates a measured lifestyle and respect for family values by appearing in public together with his Russian wife.

Esprit de Corps as the Pledge of Impunity
Clandestine Casino Business

Since the powers and officials preferred to hide some of their passions and actions after they’ve visited one of the dens in Singapore, they become very loyal to the lord of the gambling world. Incredible mutual understanding and undeniable mutual benefit have done the trick. Why stick your nose in other people’s business, when you can have a piece of that pie for yourself?

Besides, nobody can prove anything and it creates the psychological illusion of purity of the deal. However, wealthy people somehow forget that the house always wins – whether it’s about money or life. 

Michael Blum Becomes a Gambling King from Asia

The don of the Asian casino and dark web, Michael Blum, has recently gained popularity for his recent involvement in underground deals and darkest business transactions. It is easy for anyone to come up with insinuations and rumors about any personality. However, there is an iota of truth in every story, and the carriers of this rumor have laid claim to some shady practices perpetrated by this individual.

About Michael Blum

Married to a Russian, Michael Blum is a German businessman and investor who has been into several business ventures across the United States, Canada, and Asian countries. Meanwhile, not all these businesses were thriving. He has handled several managerial positions.

A graduate of Yale with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations, the Hong Kong-born Michael Blum has founded, co-founded, and served in diverse career paths. He is noted for changing from one specialty to another, having been in more than ten companies.

Although he has a track record of enormous investment and positions in several business areas such as Virgin Galactic, PayPal, and a host of others, it was at PayPal in Germany in 2002 that he was able to make a massive statement in his career. This career path of his has, however, been clouded in several illegalities and underground financial manipulations.

In late 2005, Blum co-founded the Hedgefund management company named the Falconhenge Partners in New York, which was later folded into Magnetar Capital in the following year.

Blum has a specialized attachment with the Asian region as he has spent several moments of his life there.

The beginning of illegality?

Michael Blum - Power behind the Throne

Consequently, Blum created an investment fund channel with his brother from 2006 to 2008. This was founded in Macau, the Chinese Las Vegas. The firm was established to promote the gaming and hospitality business in the Chinese casino haven. Similarly, he formed the Macao based Asia leisure capital (ALC) with three partners to further his business in hotel and casino management and funding.

Perhaps this was the beginning of his romance with the underground money-making deals and illegality. Michael Blum took particular interest in gambling, possibly for the vast money coming from the business.

Blum lured into criminality?

Michael Blum was rumored to have been lured into shady underground activities, by an associate of his, J.P King. The pair were said to be involved with a criminal group allegedly with ensuring the satisfaction of the secret urge and immoral fantasies and passions of several US elites in the political and financial sectors. Many believe that money is a unifying factor bonding these two.

Michael Blum can get deeper unnoticed

The emergence of Blum into the gambling industry in Macau led to the initial rumor of a criminal cartel organized by Blum and King. They have been rumored to deliver from Asia to their American VIP clients, drugs, and illegal entertainment.

Blum was equally fingered to be behind a porn film shot in Russia and Asian countries, which he subsequently sold on DarkNet.

There is more to his personality than what can be easily known. Unfortunately, this can be an enabling environment for illegal activities like money laundering, because his business reputations and investment will cloud such events.

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